This section is aimed at Entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for Angel investment to grow their business, as well as those advising small businesses about access to finance. You will find an introduction to angel investing, giving information about what angel investment is all about and how it operates and what business angels usually look for when making an investment. You can also find out about how to make use of the tax breaks for attracting angel investment and about the new Angel Cofund supporting syndicated investment.

This section offers information on how to access sources of angel investment and how to link to key players in the angel market place. You can also access support for the investment process, including relevant downloadable materials such as legal templates and due diligence checklists as well as information on further sources of advice and other sources of non-angel finance.

Market Updates?

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Angel-backed Entrepreneurs

Laurence Kemball-Cook, CEO, Pavegen Systems

Pavegen is a brand new renewable energy system so having the funds and support during the development phase is vital. Business Angel investment  gave us both at a crucial time, allowing us to fulfil orders, take on key staff and providing us with a ready-made network of investors who understand our business and share our vision. We're now growing fast with partnerships with companies like Westfield and Diageo.

James Dunning, CEO - Syrinix

In 2010 Syrinix successfully raised £500,000 from angel investors, individuals successful in their own right, who understand the risks and possible rewards of angel investing.  In securing that investment Syrinix has benefitted not just from funding but also invaluable insights, experience and support.  With that foundation in place, and with its pipeline monitoring technology subsequently ordered for deployment across London, Syrinix is now targeting growth both nationally and internationally.

Gabriel Bradley, CEO, Taskmaestro

I benefitted greatly from Angel finance because they facilitated me not only raising enough money to start a successful business but also to attract the invaluable expertise that I lacked to make the dream become a reality. Thanks guys!

Alan Boyd, Director, Fred Daly Golf Ltd

Fred Daly Golf launched 5 years ago, specialising in our unique revolutionary range of Peanut Putters. After top 10 finishes on Tour we still lacked the expertise and capital to maximise our potential.  Angel funding was crucial to achieving this and helping us expand - crucially you get more than just money with an Angel (or Angels!) on the team!

John Taylor, CEO, Parcel Genie

Parcel Genie's technology and marketing business that enables people to send real products quickly and simply to friends and family using just a virtual address. Angel finance was instrumental in our growth. Coupled with the all-important financial backing came a great deal of support from experienced and entrepreneurial angel investors. The business' recent award as the 'Most Promising Technology Company in the UK' could not have happened without their support.


Julia Gash, Company Director, Bag It Don't Bin It

Our Business Angel brought investment into our business when we needed to get it off the ground and the banks said no. Her advice over the past three years has helped us to grow from strength to strength and provided a good sounding board for me.

Emily Bendell, CEO, BlueBella

BlueBella is a fast growing sensual products brand that sells via social selling and online.“Angel finance has been a key part of BlueBella’s growth and development, the funding has helped drive 100%+ growth per year and connected the company with a multitude of extremely helpful contacts.”

Jamie Watkins, Business Development and Marketing Director, Rumm Ltd

"We were particularly interested in securing angel investment for our next phase of growth," explains Jamie Watkins, RUMM's chief executive. "We were keen to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the right angel investor. In all, we met with 9 angels and one joined as a Chairman and the wealth of his commercial knowledge is already making a difference."

Clare Twemlow, CFO, Camstent

Angel investment has been a natural fit for Camstent. For a medical product, we have required relatively small levels of investment which has matched the scope of angels, yet the company has a technology that could impact the worldwide healthcare market providing the potential to build significant value for angel investors.

Dr Linda Cammish, CEO, NanoTherics Ltd

The investor brought relevant sector experience to our product, and the pre-investment work we did with him was essential in attracting the Angel funding and the VC match and who has proven to be both supportive and invaluable to us going forward.